GraphQL : What problems does it solve?

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I was introduced to GraphQL when one of my clients wanted me to set it up for their React web app frontend. Their decision was triggered by the frontend team growing tired of waiting for the changes on the API end. The implementation experience helped me appreciate the nuanced benefits of a GraphQL implementation.

The same experience also made me realize that a lucid explanation for just the important GraphQL concepts isn't easily available. I attempt to solve that itch with this explainer.

With this explainer, I cover just those GraphQL concepts that matter. The focus is more on explaining the fundamentals in as clear and concise a manner as I can.

Table of Contents

1. What problem does GraphQL solve?

2. What does a GraphQL request look like?

3. Where does GraphQL fit in the tech stack?

4. (Back to) What problem does GraphQL solve?

5. How is a GraphQL query served?

6. What all can go wrong about a GraphQL implementation?

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  1. Who is the intended audience for this explainer?

This explainer is for a working web developer who is trying to understand where & how GraphQL fits into the larger scheme of things. The explainer does not assume any priorĀ  experience or background with GraphQL. However, a basic understanding of the web-development ecosystem shall help.
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The purchase gives you access to a printable PDF containing the explainer on the topics listed in the above Table of Contents. For a sample of the explainer pages please preview here.

  1. What's the refund policy?

If what you see is not what you expected, just reply to the download email within 7 days, and you'll get a full refund. No questions asked.

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    This version is for individual use only.

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GraphQL : What problems does it solve?

11 ratings
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